20th Anniversary, a great celebration!

Commemorating 20 years of concerts, Voz en Punto was honoured during 2010 with the following distinctions:

Music Life

  • A nomination within the category of Favorite Central/South American Group, during the 2010 A Cappella Community Awards.
  • Voz en Punto was awarded the Fra Angelico Medal, for its contributions to sacred Mexican music.
  • The group was afforded a Golden Star (Luminaria de Oro) in Mexico City’s Gallery of Stars.
  • An edition of the magazine Music:Life was dedicated to the ensemble.

We never could have imagined celebrating 20 years so splendidly!
Thanks to all!

Latest CD


Voz en Punto canta a Cri-Cri

This was the first Mexican CD to be nominated as Best Latin-American Album within the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards of 2010.

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Voz en Punto on TV

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“Voz en Punto has a great conjunction and stage presence; these six really enjoy making music together…”
Ward Swingle
“I have experienced a fantastic group, Voz en Punto, fantastic! It was one of the top experiences in these years.”
Anders Jalkéus (The Real Group)
“…a beautiful performance, great arrangements and very, very well sung!”
Bob Chilcott
“Voz en Punto is a great ambassador for Mexico, the arrangements have a wonderful mexican feel.”
The King’s Singers