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Sonia Solórzano

Sonia Solórzano, Dramatic Soprano.

I love life…when I sing I’m shouting:

Sounds, music, art, tradition;
Talent, sensitivity, simplicity, charisma;
Passion, surrender, perfection…
This is singing.

To sing, that’s why I was born.
It’s not only my voice that shouts,
It’s my blood,
It’s my soul.
It’s God, who in that moment embraces me…

To sing, that’s why I was born.
It unites me with my people,
My passage on this Earth,
My way toward love…

To sing, that’s why I was born.
Because even in silence I also sing;
I sing in my struggle as a human being
And what  I cultivate each day when I sing,
That’s what you reap.

I love life…when I sing I’m shouting.

“Sonia is simply amazing!…”  The King’s Singers

“…Swingle expressed special admiration for Sonia Solórzano’s voice, with its peculiar dramatic coloratura; a voice that shines with great personality in a soloist’s capacity, but which is also capable of perfectly blending with the ensemble without pretensions.”
Interview with Ward Swingle in Arnhem, Holland.  Reforma, Mexico City

“…The vocal direction of the group was so excellent that it was incredible to witness the facility with which the singers granted a soloist’s turn amongst themselves.  Sonia has an especially sublime voice.  Its emotional effect is delirious.”
Höchster Kreisblatt / Frankfurt

“…An extraordinary soloist.  Sonia’s voice could easily fill an entire football stadium.”
Aamulehti / Tampere, Finland

“…When Sonia is in full voice, her range goes from rich, harmonious sounds in the low register to extreme heights, granting a purity and clarity of great beauty.  The final result is, along with her colleagues, a captivating vocal harmony.”
Kultur-Fächer / Karlsruhe, Germany

“Sonia is something else again.  ‘Dramatic’ only describes her timbre.  Her spirit, coquettishness, grace, and devil-may-care attitude fill the stage to such an extent that it’s sheer joy to watch and hear every note that she sings.”
Lázaro Azar, Reforma / Mexico City

Enrique Rodríguez

Enrique Rodríguez, Tenor

Daniela Quintana

Daniela Quintana, Soprano

Luis E. Martínez

Luis Giolando Martínez, tenor

I was born in Mexico City and as a boy I spent my free time playing soccer and other sports. As soon as I started high school I began to feel attracted to music and I learned to play the guitar. Every day I was singing old trio songs and I loved giving “serenades” with my buddies. Even though I loved music, I never imagined I’d be making music for a living. So I started studying Electrical Engineering at La Salle University. When I was a bit further along in my studies, I started singing in La Salle’s choir and that’s where I met Pepe (José), the group’s director, and Sonia, who taught vocal technique. Being in the choir changed my life, in that I really started to fall in love with music. We sang in a festival in Spain, the International University Choral Festival in Valencia. We also sang in the Universitas Cantat in Poznan, Poland. When I graduated from the university, I decided to study music formally so I entered the Cardinal Miranda Institute, where I had the chance to work with Padre Xavier González and also to learn choral conducting. At the same time, I was studying voice with Manuel Peña. After some time, I was able to become a member of Voz en Punto and ever since I’ve had the opportunity to work with extraordinary artists like Brisa Rosel and Gerardo Trejo Luna (actors), Francisco Zuñiga (guitarist and solfège specialist), as well as my continuing work with Pepe and Sonia, who’ve helped me to grow as an artist, day by day.

” …Tenor Luis G. Martínez delighted the kids in the audience during Cri-Cri’s ‘La Merienda’, with his imitation of a weeping child’s temper tantrum. He provoked dozens of belly laughs.”
Notimex, on the occasion of Voz en Punto’s 20th Anniversary Concert in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl.

Vanessa Millán

Vanessa Millán, Soprano

Even before I was born, music was already a part of my life, especially singing. When my mother was pregnant with me, she was a voice student at the National University School of Music. I’ve always sung, even before I was able to talk; I would sing the songs that I was hearing. Having grown up within a family of musicians taught me to value and love this wonderful art.

When I was 14 I began my formal musical studies, taking classes in solfège, piano, and flute. I went to classes in an arts magnet school and at 17 I enrolled in the National University School of Music to study voice. I finished my degree and I’ve been a member of various vocal ensembles, focused especially on Early Music, as well as in other musical genres. I also completed a degree in Ethnology at the National School of Anthropology and History, which has aided me in developing a deep admiration of the cultural diversity and identities of the ethnic groups in my country.

I cherish my country and my roots. Its history, art, cultural manifestations, music, and innumerable characteristics all contribute to its beauty. I’ve been interested for a long time in Mexican music and specifically, music of the Viceregal period. With this in mind, I have studied this music with specialized teachers to whom I’m deeply grateful.

I’ve been familiar with Voz en Punto for a long time now, and I fell in love with the group’s concept of Mexican music. José’s arrangements are terrific, and as I got to know the group on a personal level, we had a definite “click”. They were looking for another soprano and I was only too happy to be able to work with great people like them.

Now I’m sharing this fabulous adventure as a member of the group, experiencing music from another point of view. This experience has filled my life on a personal, musical, professional, vocal, human, and nationalistic level.

Viva México, music, and Voz en Punto!

“Soprano Vanesa Millán was another of the most applauded singers, particularly after her brilliant interpretation of ‘Acuarela’.” Notimex, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary Concert in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl.

José Galván

José Galván, Director, Arranger, and Baritone

I was always known for my stubbornness, even when I was very young. Music was always one of my biggest obsessions: I would spend the entire day singing endlessly!
That’s how I got into a church choir with the legendary Zavala Family and I discovered my passion for vocal ensembles. A little before this happened, though, I’d also eagerly await the annual concert that the Marimba Nandayapa would always present at my grade school. I remember that it was during those concerts that I became enchanted with Mexico: its sounds, its colors, and its music.

Some years later I began vocal studies at the National University School of Music. That’s where I met Sonia. I fell in love with her voice (and indeed, with all of her), and as the saying goes, “There’s always something that’s broken for something that needs mending”. Our common obsessions led us to share our lives and to invent this adventure called “Voz en Punto”…

As a singer, I’ve benefited from the wisdom of my dear teachers Margarita González, Lupita Pérez Árias, and Manuel Peña. As a choral director, I had the pleasure of graduating from the Cardenal Miranda Institute, under the guidance of Padre Xavier González. Twenty years after having founded Voz en Punta, sometimes I myself am surprised to see that so many of my dreams have been fulfilled…It’s incredible to have known so many great artists along the way, like the great sculptor Sebastián, the writer Carlos Fuentes, and musicians like Don Zeferino Nandayapa, Daniel García Blanco, Armando Manzanero, Rubén Fuentes, The King’s Singers, and Bobby McFerrin!

As a human being, I’m so grateful to God for having had the privilege of living for and from music, as well as for the blessings I’ve received from the most beautiful of my creations: my little daughter Sonita…

“… Swingle was amazed at the originality of director José Galván’s arrangements…Voz en Punto has a tremendous ability in its management of an audience’s attention span. Despite the complexity of the arrangements that they sing, no-one appears to be tense when singing. This shows the preparatory level of work from the group’s director, José Galván, and it’s evident that he knows what he’s doing”.
Interview with Ward Swingle in Arnhem, Holland. Reforma/ Mexico City

“His arrangements have a wonderful Latin-Mexican feel.” The King’s Singers.

“The group sings a rhythmic, colourful repertoire, as brilliant as the Mexican Sun! These were modern, attractive melodies, ably arranged by director José Galván. There was movement and life: the effect was demolishing”
La Presse/ Montreux (Switzerland)

“José’s work is a definitive factor in the group’s success, for his arrangements are very original. Each tune acquires its own personality; none was like the other and each had its own seal. The audience maintained a rapt state of ecstasy…”
María Teresa Castrillón, Unión Mexicana de Cronistas de Música y Teatro.

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