“The most outstanding feature of Voz en Punto is the way its members are co-joined and its onstage personality, the way they enjoy making music that’s so different because it’s original and very Mexican-sounding, all the while maintaining a high level of quality in the musical discourse.”Ward Swingle, Founder and Director of the Swingle Singers
“Voz en Punto has a great conjunction and stage presence; these six really enjoy making music together…”
Ward Swingle
“I have to say I love the group, a beautiful performance, It just was very special for me… great arrangements, very, very well sung. Keep going and keep making people happy because Voz en Punto do that when they sing!!!”
Bob Chilcott
“…a beautiful performance, great arrangements and very, very well sung!”
Bob Chilcott
“As soon as I heard them, I immediately fell in love with them. They’re an exceptional group.”
Armando Manzanero, famed Mexican composer
“I have experienced a fantastic group, Voz en Punto, fantastic! It was one of the top experiences in these years, my personal favourite, I love them!!!.”
Anders Jalkéus (The Real Group)
“Truly, Voz en Punto has achieved the polyphony to which all artists aspire.”
Carlos Fuentes, Mexican writer/philosopher
“Not only does the group demonstrate technical perfection, but in its day-to-day actions it affirms its identity as a Mexican group…This, together with the perfection of the human voice in all its nuances, as well as the vocal imitation of various instruments that complement the musical feats of Voz en Punto.”
Don Zeferino Nandayapa, Founder of the Marimba Nandayapa
“As soon as I heard them, I immediately fell in love with them. They’re an exceptional group.”
Armando Manzanero, famed Mexican composer
“Voz en Punto has an indubitable artistic quality, along with experience, professional integrity, and most particularly, an interest in exalting–via the repertoire which it performs–the richness contained in our country’s popular expressions.”
Daniel García Blanco, Founder of the School of Mexican Traditional Music.
“(The members of) Voz en Punto are great ambassadors for Mexico, the arrangements have a wonderful Latin-Mexican feel; it’s lovely to hear a group that really captures the voice of its country.”
The King’s Singers
“Voz en Punto is a great ambassador for Mexico, the arrangements have a wonderful mexican feel.”
The King’s Singers
“They’re a musical orgasm, touched by God.”
Brozo, Mexican media personality
“Their voices are so powerful that, to me, they represent our volcanoes on the days when they’re at their best.”
Cristina Pacheco, Mexican TV host and journalist
“The violin, the piano, the bassoon, the flute, the harp: all these instruments may have an unobjectionable timbre which help us to understand the world in which we live. But the sound of the human voice is, above all, a sort of uniting force, with a magic call that seems to say: ‘This is what we are, this is how we are, this is how we speak.’ The human body and human reality have a timbre, an unforgettable sound, a sound that cannot be erased, a sound that evokes memories. This sound is singing. In the ample range that goes from popular tunes to the highest reaches of artistic expression, the human voice calls out to the species to hear itself, to recognize itself, to recognize its own essence. Voz en Punto reminds us of that. It reminds us that we are also the sound of the musical instruments which we’ve created. That indeed, those instruments and art itself, are our own voice.”
Carlos Montemayor, Mexican poet/novelist
“This is a great orchestra disguised as a vocal ensemble.”
Miguel Ángel Granados Chapa, Mexican journalist
“With their extraordinary voices, they’ve given a new vitality to Mexican music.”
José Luis Cuevas, Mexican painter/sculptor
“Voz en Punto represents a watermark in Mexican vocal music.”
Horacio Franco, World-famous Mexican flutist

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