Mezcal Shots

Copitas de Mezcal, Voz en Punto

1. Copitas de mezcal

2. Lámpara sin luz

3. La Negra

4. El Gavilancillo

5. La Bruja

6. La malagueña
7. Cien años
8. No volveré
9. Cucurrucucú

10. El sinaloense
11. Cielito lindo

Unde-rwritten by the Sebastián Foundation.

“Voz en Punto’s sound is as crisp and clean as they come, and they get into some marvellously fast Mexican ‘scat’ singing that boggles the mind.  ‘Copitas’ is big, fat, South of the Border fun from beginning to end.  Enjoy!”

Primarily a capella.

On this occasion, Voz en Punto associates itself in a closer way with popular genres, by recording an album with one of the most emblematic groups in the history of Mexican popular music: the Mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlán, and its musical director Rubén Fuentes…José Galvan´s musical arrangements and Fuentes’ and Pepe Martínez’es  instrumental ones reached contrasts in an attractive musical landscape where mariachis give their own seal, alongside Voz en Punto’s pristine voices…Once more, Voz en Punto is on the side of musical pleasure and playfulness.

Eduardo Soto Millán, Proceso magazine.