From Pillar to Post

Del tingo al tango, Voz en Punto

1. La Negra
2. Margot labourez les vignes
3. Rosa Amarela

4. Tanzen und Springen
5. Te quiero

6. Come again
7. Mamá Inés

8. Ue wo muite arukou

9. Amor Vittorioso
10. Púchicas caray
11. Swing low, sweet charriot
12. Samba de uma nota só

13. Chachona
14. Honor y Gloria

15. Satumaa Tango
16. In the mood

“Voz continually amazes us with their splendid versatility. Listen to this multilingual a capella gem and become an instant Voz en Punto fan!”

Primarily a capella.

“The pieces contained in Del tingo al tango re-affirm the stylistic flexibility and repertoire that drives this ensemble to different paths as far as countries, composers, genres, and musical idioms and tendencies are concerned. This is a kaleidoscopic proposal…one of the most notable discographic productions of 2004…”

Eduardo Soto Millán, Proceso magazine.