México a Capella

México a Capella, Voz en Punto

1. Introducción, En México
2. El Tilingolingo

3. Male Batulia
4. Jucheti Consuelito

5. Como México no hay dos
6. Cucurumbé
7. Las chiapanecas
8. El Rascapetate

9. Bésame mucho

10. Te extraño
11. El andariego
12. Qué rico mambo
13. Teté
14. Nereidas
15. Qué bonita es mi tierra

This CD represented Mexico in the Tenth Latin-American and Caribbean Musical Tribune, sponsored by the International Council of Music/UNESCO. It won in the Folk Music category, with the pieces Tilingolingo, Male Betulia, Jecheti Consuelito, and El Rascapetate.

Voz en Punto’s rendition of “Bésame Mucho” was also nominated in the category of Best World Music Song in the Contemporary Acappella Recording Awards in 2005.

“For those with exquisite taste…this ensemble interprets well-known pages of Mexican music and in doing so, renders them nakedly and in an almost brash way, exposed as they are to the colors of their voices and supported by diaphanously dynamic arrangements…”

Tanto por escuchar, Reforma. Mexico City.

“México a Capella’ created an a cappella sensation in Mexico, and it’s easy to hear why. Great arrangements, hot, spirited vocals, fine song selection, dynamic live performances—it adds up to the kind of stardom that changes the popular culture of a nation!”

Primarily A Capella.