Christmas in New Spain

Navidad Novohispana, Voz en Punto

1. Dios Itlaconantziné

2. Jesos de mi goracon

3. Mano fasiquiyo

A special edition recording produced exclusively for the Mexican Radio Institute. Featured artists: Horacio Franco and the Capella Cervantina, Voz en Punto– Ensamble Vocal de México, Eugenia Ramírez, and the Camerata Aguascalientes.

“Una Navidad Novohispana is, above all, a gift which we’ve offered as part of our efforts to recreate and rescue Mexico’s distant musical past from oblivion. In that same spirit, we deeply hope to contribute to the formation of a promissory future”.

Dolores Béistegui, Directress of the Mexican Radio Institute (IMER).