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Luis E. Martínez

Luis Giolando Martínez, tenor

I was born in Mexico City and as a boy I spent my free time playing soccer and other sports. As soon as I started high school I began to feel attracted to music and I learned to play the guitar. Every day I was singing old trio songs and I loved giving “serenades” with my buddies. Even though I loved music, I never imagined I’d be making music for a living. So I started studying Electrical Engineering at La Salle University. When I was a bit further along in my studies, I started singing in La Salle’s choir and that’s where I met Pepe (José), the group’s director, and Sonia, who taught vocal technique. Being in the choir changed my life, in that I really started to fall in love with music. We sang in a festival in Spain, the International University Choral Festival in Valencia. We also sang in the Universitas Cantat in Poznan, Poland. When I graduated from the university, I decided to study music formally so I entered the Cardinal Miranda Institute, where I had the chance to work with Padre Xavier González and also to learn choral conducting. At the same time, I was studying voice with Manuel Peña. After some time, I was able to become a member of Voz en Punto and ever since I’ve had the opportunity to work with extraordinary artists like Brisa Rosel and Gerardo Trejo Luna (actors), Francisco Zuñiga (guitarist and solfège specialist), as well as my continuing work with Pepe and Sonia, who’ve helped me to grow as an artist, day by day.

” …Tenor Luis G. Martínez delighted the kids in the audience during Cri-Cri’s ‘La Merienda’, with his imitation of a weeping child’s temper tantrum. He provoked dozens of belly laughs.”
Notimex, on the occasion of Voz en Punto’s 20th Anniversary Concert in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl.