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Sonia Solórzano

Sonia Solórzano, Dramatic Soprano.

I love life…when I sing I’m shouting:

Sounds, music, art, tradition;
Talent, sensitivity, simplicity, charisma;
Passion, surrender, perfection…
This is singing.

To sing, that’s why I was born.
It’s not only my voice that shouts,
It’s my blood,
It’s my soul.
It’s God, who in that moment embraces me…

To sing, that’s why I was born.
It unites me with my people,
My passage on this Earth,
My way toward love…

To sing, that’s why I was born.
Because even in silence I also sing;
I sing in my struggle as a human being
And what  I cultivate each day when I sing,
That’s what you reap.

I love life…when I sing I’m shouting.

“Sonia is simply amazing!…”  The King’s Singers

“…Swingle expressed special admiration for Sonia Solórzano’s voice, with its peculiar dramatic coloratura; a voice that shines with great personality in a soloist’s capacity, but which is also capable of perfectly blending with the ensemble without pretensions.”
Interview with Ward Swingle in Arnhem, Holland.  Reforma, Mexico City

“…The vocal direction of the group was so excellent that it was incredible to witness the facility with which the singers granted a soloist’s turn amongst themselves.  Sonia has an especially sublime voice.  Its emotional effect is delirious.”
Höchster Kreisblatt / Frankfurt

“…An extraordinary soloist.  Sonia’s voice could easily fill an entire football stadium.”
Aamulehti / Tampere, Finland

“…When Sonia is in full voice, her range goes from rich, harmonious sounds in the low register to extreme heights, granting a purity and clarity of great beauty.  The final result is, along with her colleagues, a captivating vocal harmony.”
Kultur-Fächer / Karlsruhe, Germany

“Sonia is something else again.  ‘Dramatic’ only describes her timbre.  Her spirit, coquettishness, grace, and devil-may-care attitude fill the stage to such an extent that it’s sheer joy to watch and hear every note that she sings.”
Lázaro Azar, Reforma / Mexico City