“…All of Voz en Punto’s singers demonstrate a high level of quality and ample registers. Besides, they posses a tremendously magnetic onstage charisma, making their performances very entertaining and fun.”

Houston Chronicle/ Houston, Texas (U.S.A.)

“To the audience’s surprise, Voz en Punto came onstage to finalize the Camerata Salzburgo’s concert during the Morelia International Music Festival…This gesture of derring-do, as a way of giving thanks to the Austrian musicians, was so well-received that it provoked a thunderous ovation in a concert hall where classical music got a shot in the arm, as something enjoyable and fun.”

Provincia/ Morelia, Michoacán (Mexico)

“ ‘From Baroque to Son: Sounds of a New Nation’, stole the show without a doubt…Voz en Punto’s concert in the 2010 International Cervantino Festival can be categorized as an outstanding participation within the festival’s general program.”

Correo/ Guanajuato, Guanajuato (Mexico)

“This experienced Mexican ensemble was able to offer a truly spectacular program replete with joyful Latin rhythms and a varied repertoire splashed with color. Additionally, the group wowed the audience with its ability to transform itself vocally…The ensemble with the highest level during the festival: Voz en Punto!

Aamulehti/ Tampere (Finland)

“The show of the human voice begins…This original ensemble represents a world of sounds that surges from a continual process of invention and experimentation. They, latter-day King Midases, turn everything they touch not into gold, but into a solid success wherever they go around the World.”

La Jornada/ Mexico City

“Simply impressive…!”

El Siglo/ Durango, Durango (Mexico)

“The group performs a rhythmic, colourful repertoire, as brilliant as the Mexican Sun…There is movement and life; the effect was demolishing and the singers set the Salle Stravinsky on fire in their conquest. It was total delirium, of a marvellously emotion-filled intensity…”

La Presse/ Montreux, Switzerland

“This group makes Mexican music of a level which is technically and qualitatively perfect. But that’s not all: Voz en Punto has something for everyone, whether it’s romantic, dramatic, or lively music that you seek. They present their program with such flavour and effusiveness that the joy in what they’re doing is evident. The originality of their presentation would conquer any audience. Their flashy outfits filled the stage with color. It was a true feast for the senses, offered by this group in the cold city of Wolfsburg.”

Wolfsburger Allemeine/ Wolfsburg, Germany

“VIVA MÉXICO! Voz en Punto drove the audience gathered in the Salle Poirel to a crazed level of enthusiasm. No matter where they present themselves, they enjoy an incredible success. France and Mexico hand in hand, as Géneral de Gaulle would have wished.”

La Gazette du Festival/ Nancy, France

“Perfect polyphony: It’s one thing to sing, but to achieve the unimaginable through harmony among six voices can only be done by Voz en Punto.”

El Diario de Ciudad Juárez/ Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua (Mexico)

“The emotional effect is delirious. The audience gave a standing ovation at this extraordinary concert’s finish, and was so enthusiastic that it had to be ‘pacified’ with more encores.”

Höchster Kreisblatt/ Frankfurt, Germany

“…The Low Countries’ Choral Festival, perhaps the most important in terms of artistic level, allows us to get to know other cultures. Voz en Punto has especially created a tremendous impression. Simon Carrington, member of the jury and baritone in The King’s Singers, has declared that this group—which had to conform with the Second Place Award—really deserved to receive First Place.”

Gelders Dagblad/ Arnhem, Holland

“Admirable, their virtuosic versions of our folk music…if anything is especially outstanding in this choral ensemble, it’s the fact that its members seem to be particularly conscientious—a rarity in singers—that they achieve more by melding themselves into an indissoluble unity, rather than each one trying to become “the show’s star”…This exceptional ensemble confirms that the voice is indeed the most marvellous instrument at human beings’ disposition.”

Lázaro Azar. Reforma/ Mexico City

“…Swingle expressed his surprise at the originality of the director’s arrangements: ‘The most outstanding aspect of Voz en Punto is the way its members are so co-joined and the way its onstage personality shines; the group enjoys performing such different, such original, such thoroughly Mexican-sounding music, all the while conserving a high level of quality in the musical discourse. Voz en Punto possesses the great ability to maintain its audience’s attention span. Despite the complexity of the arrangements which they sing, they never seem the least bit tense when they’re performing. This is a great testament to the amount of preparation which José Galván has made, and shows that he really knows what he’s doing.’ Swingle also was especially in awe of Sonia Solórzano’s voice, which unites dramatic coloratura qualities—especially evident during her solos—but is also able to restrain itself and blend in perfectly with the rest of the ensemble at other moments.

Interview with Ward Swingle in Arnhem, Holland. Reforma/ Mexico City

“With musical excellence interweaved with flamboyant happiness, the singers offered a grand tour through musical landscapes: they presented music in a ‘Swingle Singers’ style, so well sung that they had the entire audience moving in time to the music. Just before this, the same singers had sung a 17th-Century piece, in which they transmitted a melancholy spirituality that is so rarely heard. But it was, perhaps, the Mexican folk pieces that won over the audience the most. The group’s vocal direction was of such a high level of excellence that it was incredible to witness the facility with which the vocalists were able to alternate the soloist’s role amongst themselves. Sonia’s voice was especially sublime. The emotional effect of this group is delirious. The audience response was a standing ovation at the concert’s end and their enthusiasm could only be ‘pacified’ by several encores.”

Höchster Kreisblatt / Frankfurt, Germany

“Polyphony with Mexican rhythms: The San Francisco Auditorium seemed too small to house Voz en Punto’s outstanding performance…”

Diario de Ávila / Ávila, Spain

“Voz en Punto’s concert in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl was a complete success…the group earned a standing ovation from its audience and endless applause.”

Notimex / Mexico City

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