Vocal Training

Discover the vocal technique that forms part of your body and all the pleasure that can be derived from singing. Experience a new way of having singing in your life, under the watchful eye of Sonia Solórzano, whose voice and interpretative skills have been admired worldwide by audiences and critics alike.

All classes are one-on-one and are open to everyone: amateurs, professional singers and actors, students, etc.

Sol-fa Classes

For those who seek to deepen their knowledge of music, Vanessa Millán offers a method of solfège which adjusts itself to the personal needs of each student, in which the enjoyment of written music at all levels is the key element. All classes are one-on-one and are open to everyone.

“Cantar en Punto”

This is a workshop designed for choruses and vocal groups in which José Galván—creator and director of Voz en Punto—shares his experiences and know-how in order to improve and provide impetus towards the technical and artistic growth of the groups involved.
The activities in this workshop are designed in accordance with each group’s needs and range from conversations about singing in a vocal ensemble and Voz en Punto’s particular experiences, to the staging of one of this singular group’s own arrangements. Special arrangements for the commission of a musical number designed for your group can also be made.

Fotos: 1. José con el Coro de la Universidad La Salle en Poznan, Polonia. 2. Lila Zellet de Egiptanos

Who’s invited?

Anyone is invited, whether amateur or professional. Anyone is invited if he or she wants to discover the joy of singing, improve his or her technique, master the art of solfège, or improve the level of his or her vocal ensemble.

Contact: 55 84 47 13
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 15:00 hrs