Our history

Founded in 1990 by its director José Galván, Voz en Punto is the  a cappella vocal group with the most brilliant international projection in the history of Mexican music. With an original scenic proposal that gives testimony to Mexico’s rich musical heritage, and utilizing the most incredible musical instrument which has always been at human beings’ disposition—the voice—Voz en Punto burst onto the musical scene conquering audiences who they then proceeded to “madden and send into ecstasy and delirium…” as various press critiques attest, from countries as varied as the U.S., France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Rumania, Austria, Finland, Spain, Greece, Holland, Egypt, and Japan (among others).

Trayectoria Voz en Punto


Within Mexico, the group has performed in the country’s principal concert venues and in its most outstanding festivals, such as:

  • The International Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato
  • The Mexico City Historic Centre Festival
  • The Morelia International Music Festival
  • The Alfonso Ortíz Tirado Festival in Sonora
  • The Sinaloa International Arts Fair
  • The Chihuahua International Festival
  • The October Fiestas, in Guadalajara
  • The San Luis Potosí Early Music Festival
  • The Campeche International Festival
  • The Mayan Riviera International Festival

On the international level, Voz en Punto has had outstanding presence in:

  • The Mexican Bicentennial Celebrations in Houston (U.S.A.)
  • The expo “México: Gateway of the Americas” in New York City (U.S.A)
  • The Mexican Holidays in Tokio (Japan)
  • The Cultural Festival within the Athens Olympics in 2004 (Greece)
  • The Summer Festival at Wolfsburg Castle (Germany)
  • The Latin-American Festival in Hamburg (Germany)
  • The Ávila (Spain) International Polyphonic Days
  • The Nancy (France) International Festival of Choral Singing
  • The Mayan World Expo in Tampere, Finland
  • The International Theatre Festival in Sibiu (Romania)
  • The Montreux (Switzerland) International Choral Festival
  • The Moscow Instruments Museum (Russia)

The ensemble has been equally honoured by having received special invitations from such emblematic figures of World vocal music such as Bobby McFerrin and The King’s Singers, as well as by important orchestras like the Mercury Baroque Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, and the Salzburg Camerata.  It has also performed alongside icons of Mexican traditional music like the Marimba Nandayapa ensemble and the Mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlán.  In theatrical productions, it has shared the stage with important Mexican figures such as Mario Iván Martínez and Astrid Haddad, and it also performed the soundtrack in the award-winning 2007 animated feature film “La Leyenda de la Nahuala”.

Trayectoria Voz en Punto


Among the most outstanding distinctions which Voz en Punto has received:

  • A nomination as Favorite Central-South American Group, within the A Cappella Community Awards (for two years running, in 2010 and 2011)
  • The Fra Angelico Medal, awarded in Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral (2010)
  • A nomination in the category of Best Latin-American Album in the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards, for the CD “Voz en Punto canta Cri Cri” (2010)
  • A Golden Star on Mexico City’s Paseo de las Estrellas (Stars’ Walkway) (2010)
  • Second Prize in the Tampere International Vocal Music Festival (2009)
  • The Mozart Medal, awarded by the Austrian Embassy in Mexico (2009)
  • The Gaviota Internacional Award (2007)
  • A distinction from the Mexico City Music and Theatre Critics’ Circle (2001)
  • Second Place in the Netherlands’ International Choral Festival (1995)
  • Second Place in the Tampere International Choir Festival (1991)
  • And finally,  First Place wins for Mexico in the categories of Folk and Viceregal Music, in the Tribunes of Latin-American and Caribbean Music, CIM-UNESCO, in 2002 and 2004, respectively.

Trayectoria Voz en Punto

With the firm objective that Mexico can fully live the pleasure of choral singing and that choral singing becomes enriched by Mexico’s musical culture, Voz en Punto has been able to span one of the most amazing musical bridges ever, allowing the group to feel just at home in a concert hall as in a public square, almost always singing a cappella, but also with mariachi groups or even a symphony orchestra.  They are as at ease when singing  popular music, early music. or contemporary pieces.  Their audiences can be children or cabaret habitués.  As if this weren’t enough, they’ve won a plethora of awards in areas such as a cappella singing, academic functions, folk music, sacred music, and popular genres!  All with a very original sound which has surprised the World, and of which The King’s Singers have said:

“It’s lovely to hear a group that really captures the voice of its country.”


“Voz en Punto has a great conjunction and stage presence; these six really enjoy making music together…”
Ward Swingle
“I have experienced a fantastic group, Voz en Punto, fantastic! It was one of the top experiences in these years.”
Anders Jalkéus (The Real Group)
“…a beautiful performance, great arrangements and very, very well sung!”
Bob Chilcott
“Voz en Punto is a great ambassador for Mexico, the arrangements have a wonderful mexican feel.”
The King’s Singers

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